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I have helped hundreds of people transform their relationship with money, get out of debt, build savings and achieve their dreams.

If they can do it, you can too! 

Now is the time to overhaul your relationship with money and take action on your finances, no matter your current bank balance.  

This Money Mindset Challenge get you being more intentional about how you spend money, feel more confident with your money moves and get those financial dreams out of your head and into a clear action plan, to set you up for success and freedom. 

All delivered with no shame, guilt or BS and plenty of juicy insights to motivate and inspire you into action.  

On demand &  action packed  

💸 Uncover your Money Memoir and learn how to rewrite it! 

💸 What is a Financial Saboteur? I will help you discover if you have one, and how to make sure it never holds you back again. 

💸 Learn how to track your money like a pro and your Life Spend impact. 

💸 What science reveals works best for financial goal setting, so you actually achieve them. 

💸 The practical steps to make this Financial Year your best one yet! 


What’s included in the challenge?


Money Mindset Challenge

$79 - including GST

  • 3 recorded calls from me, a Licensed & Qualified Financial Adviser

  • Uncover your Money Memoir and how to rewrite it! 

  • What is a Financial Saboteur? Discover if you have one and how to ensure it never holds you back again 

  • Learn how to track where your money is going, and the financial impact your current spending has on your goals 

  • What science reveals works best for financial goal setting, so you *actually* achieve them 

  • The practical steps to take right now, so the next year is your best one yet! 


    Access our:

  • Mastering Your Money Behaviours Checklist  

  • Foundation Money Mindset Journal

  • Healthy Money Habits Tracker 

  • Life Spend Impact Calculator

  • Financial Saboteur worksheet
  • Expense Tracker and Journal 

  • Goal Setting Template
  •  4 weeks access to the challenge
  • $50 voucher for our Greenhouse Program 

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Meet Jess 

Hi, I’m Jess (she/her), your slightly sweary financial fairy godmother.

I am a fully qualified and licensed Financial Adviser, with 17+ years of experience in Financial Services working with some of the biggest names in finance including Macquarie Bank, CBA and Zurich.  

Deeply passionate about levelling the financial playing field and helping people take value-aligned actions to secure their financial futures. I have given financial advice to hundreds of young professionals, women and LGBTQIA+ people, and fellow small business owners.

I was named amongst the Top 50 Most Influential Advisers in Australia, the Financial Standard, FS Power 50 and as Newcomer of the Year 2019 at the prestigious Independent Financial Advisers (IFA) awards.

Who it is right for? 

This 3 day challenge is for anyone looking to quickly level up their money skills.

Maybe you are pretty good with money, but want some expert knowledge to take your skills to the next level?

Or, perhaps the thought of money terrifies you, but you are sick of feeling overwhelmed and you’re ready to take control and feel good. 

Master your money mindset


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