$79.00 AUD

Money Mindset Challenge

Over 3 days we will: 

✅ Uncover your Money Memoir and how to rewrite it! 

✅ What is a Financial Saboteur? Discover if you have one and how to ensure it never holds you back again 

✅ Learn how to track where your money is going, and the financial impact your current spending has on your goals 

✅ What science reveals works best for financial goal setting, so you *actually* achieve them 

✅ The practical steps to take right now, so this New Financial Year is your best one yet! 


Mastering Money Behaviours Checklist 

✅ Foundation Money Memoir Questionnaire and Journal  

✅ Financial Habits Tracker 

✅ Goals Impact Calculator

✅ New Financial Year Success template  

✅ $50 voucher for our Greenhouse Program 

My Testimonials

I wanted to get my finance life sorted and The Greenhouse course couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Having recently gone through a big shift in personal circumstances, I needed help and wanted a plan. The Greenhouse has done just that. The course content is delivered weekly by the amazing Jess. Jess has such an incredible skill of explaining various financial topics with ease, from the impact of your own relationship with money, to the importance of cashflow and investing. The Greenhouse has given me the tools and belief to know that my past (negative) relationship with money does not need to be my future. Jess, Anita and the rest of the Greenhouse team have oodles of knowledge between them and they have created a fun, safe and encouraging community to talk about money. Do you want financial freedom and clarity around your future? Then I absolutely recommend signing up to The Greenhouse!

Stef - Previous Greenhouse Member

She understands what makes millennials tick (she won't make you feel bad for wanting to enjoy your life AND achieve financial goals), she bases any advice on what your values are, and she is also a big believer in ethical and sustainable investing. Tick, tick, tick! Honestly, I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Lina - Previous Greenhouse member