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Money Matters


  • Money Matters - Finance Workshop for Yoga Teachers, Pilates instructors, Healthcare workers, massage therapist/ Body workers support workers or aspiring any of the above, small business owner. Anyone ‘classified’ as a ’Sole trader’ / Contractor. Basically anyone interested in learning about how to manage their finances (Superannuation & tax) better.

  • Jess will take you through the ins and outs of financial literacy, accountability and wellness.

  • This workshop is for anyone trying to get ahead and sort out their finances as a sole trader/contractor or small business.

Date: 14/07/2024

From spendy to financially savvy


  • In the recorded webinar, we covered: How it only takes $27 a day to build an extra $1.5million in assets, even if you've never invested before!  
  • Practical ways to invest increase your net wealth, even as a beginner. 


Date: 03/06/2024


Financial Freedom Webinar


In the recorded webinar, we covered: 

  • Why the current world isn't helping people achieve financial freedom
  • How you can change your beliefs & mindset to build great Goldilocks Goals
  • Making your first $100k is the hardest & other investment considerations to make when building your Freedom Fund!


Date: 04/09/2023


What does the closure of Six Park mean for investors?

In the recorded webinar, we covered: 

  • What the closure announcement means if you invested your money through Six Park  
  • The options that exist for your current investments   
  • Tax implications & considerations


Date: 08/08/2023


How To Build a Financial Plan When You Run a Busy SME

In the recorded webinar, we covered: 

  • Is your entity structured right? 
  • What does your money memoir have to do with your business success? 
  • Mistakes I see  
  • Some things to consider 

How to Get (and stay out of) Debt this Year

In the recorded webinar, we covered: 

  • The difference between types of debt – good, bad and toxic 
  • How a money memoir can shape your habits
  • Most common mistakes I see
  • Debt repayment strategies
  • Red Flags 

How to Bank & Invest Ethically

In the recorded webinar, we covered: 

  • What is greenwashing 
  • How to bank ethically 
  • How to invest ethically 
  • The types of ethical investments 

How to Financially Plan for a baby in 2023

In the recorded webinar, we covered: 

  • The costs of IVF
  • Life sh*t to get sorted including cash buffers and super!
  • Common mistakes I see
  • Costs of schooling 

Inflation, inflation, inflation 

In the recorded webinar, we covered: 

  • How to fight inflation without a massive pay rise 
  • How to adjust your cashflow and build cashflow buffers 
  • Ways you may currently be sabotaging your current self

I’m a first-time investor, help!

In the recorded webinar, we covered: 

  • Ways to tackle investing, explained in simple terms  
  • Ways to get your cashflow under control before you start investing  
  • Things you should consider before you start investing