Ok my friend.... Do you earn good money but it seems to vanish before your eyes?

Are your money goals staying stubbornly out of reach?

Feeling stuck and like you need a jumpstart to get you moving? I got you!  

It's time to ditch the spendy behaviour and learn how to make some easy money changes that will lead to a MASSIVE impact.

If you're in your 20's, 30's or 40's it's time to get your money moves a movin. 

Here is a very annoying truth:

We are rapidly moving to an Australia divided between the people who 'have' and 'have not'. 

Economists are worried that we may be the first generation in centuries to go backwards financially!  

#costoflivingcrisis #whydidntIbuypropertyasachild


I want you to have:

  • Financial Stability & Security
  • Less Stress, Fear and Guilt with money
  • The real speak Investment Insights to have an extra $1.5million in assets for future you!
  • Freedom and Choice to live life on your terms

I will show you how it only takes $27 a day to build an extra $1.5million in assets, even if you've never invested before!

 What you'll get:

  • A 60-minute webinar with me (I'm a licensed & qualified Financial Adviser).
  • My top practical ways to invest increase your net wealth, even as a beginner. 
  • Hands-on tips so you start, like, right away.


What you won't get:

  • Confusing, boring, jargon-ful money talk that will scare the sh*t out of you
  • Get rich quick schemes - these are always 🚩 that you should run away from
  • Crypto-bro lectures that promise to take you 'to the moon'

*Soz if that's what you were hoping for. 


What to bring: 

  • A notepad & pen to plot your very clever investing game plan action items
  • Tea, vino & any little snacks that make you feel good
  • Your bestie that also needs to learn more about money (hells yess to living your best life together financially free)
  • Any burning investing questions that got you befuddled 

PS. You're camera won't be on, so comfy pjs or your oldest trackies are perfectly fine, if not strongly encouraged! 

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"Jess and the team at The Greenhouse makes learning about money fun 🙌🏼 It is so enjoyable to do each week. So now I'm 8 weeks in and I'm already kicking goals.

I've seen my credit card debt go down, I've seen my savings go up and I'm on top of my super which is so incredible. I've got long term goals and short term goals set out and it just really makes life easy & I've learnt alot about myself along the way.

I couldn't recommend it to anyone enough!!" 

Greenhouse Money Growing Program Member


Nice to meet you!

Hi, I'm Jess.

Your go to finance gal

I’m a qualified (award winning) Financial Adviser,  you can think of me as your slightly sweary financial fairy godmother, here to dish up freshly squeezed financial realness — no pulp.

I want to see you live your best life, no matter your gender or current bank balance, and I’ve provided advice to hundreds of young professionals, women and LGBTQIA+ people, as well as small business owners, and counting.

I have been in financial services for 18 years, co-founded an award winning financial advice business and am lucky enough to write for some of Australia's leading publications, I also host the Financially Fierce podcast - but most of all I am here to make money more inclusive, equal and fair. 




We are working hard to build a thriving and inclusive community where people exactly like you feel safe, celebrated and supported to take the next step on their money journey.



We believe education can change the world! Through our partnership with Pro Purpose we donate the gift of Education to children in Uganda through The School for Life Foundation. 


Jessica Brady deeply and gratefully acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land on which she lives, works and (mostly) plays, the Gadigal people of the Eora nation. This always was, and always will be, Aboriginal land.

Proud allies of our magnificent and diverse LGBTIQA+ family.